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Hexaco was born from the conviction that an efficient digital presence requires an integrated approach. Your website needs great design, solid web development and possibly a great video introduction. Your mobile app must connect to the same database than the website. Your SEO is influenced by both the website, the mobile app and the Facebook page. Your online ads must integrate with the website to track conversions.

Our founding team has over 20 years of cumulated experience with digital projects. Our expertise covers project management, technical development and online marketing.  We have a deep understanding of the underlying concepts and we’re able to design and implement the optimal strategies to achieve our client goals.
So you might ask yourself – how can a single company can have enough skills within so all digital areas – Web design, mobile app, chat bots etc. You’re right, it can’t. So at Hexaco, we have at least one true expert in each field. If the project requires more manpower, that expert who is responsible for selecting and working with the right outside partners
Our team systematically design the integrated digital strategy with a long-term success in mind. Then based on the requirements, we either develop the project in-house or work with outside partners. These partners went through a meticulous process of selection, reinforced by years of collaboration, and are companies specialized in one thing, and one thing only.

Founded in Sept-2016 as a franchise of the Danish firm Wiredelta


Countries where we have operations (France, Colombia, India)


The cumulated experience of our founding team before Hexaco


Number of web, mobile and bot projects our core team worked on

Management Team

An experienced team of true experts

Sebastien Brunet

Sebastien’s expertise is in business development, agile project management and startup strategy. Prior to Hexaco, he was working with accelerators and venture capital funds.

Camilo Soto

Camilo has more than 15 years experience as programmer. At Hexaco, he takes part in all the key technical decisions on all projects and continues to contribute code

Patricia Brojbeanu

Patricia’s expertise is in structuring efficient processes to optimize the way people work together. At Hexaco she’s also responsible for recruitment and partnerships

Philippe Roques

Philippe serves as Executive Director for Capgemini Outsourcing Services and brings his extensive experience in the French IT industry to Hexaco as Chairman of Board


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Build a chatbot with us!

We’re absolutely and positively convinced that intelligent chatbots are the next big thing and will become the preferred way for customers to interact with your business.

  • They are the fastest way to get information. The installation takes seconds and switching between bots is almost instantaneous. Unlike human agent they are always available

  • They connect together your entire digital world. They can talk to your CRM, your website, your mobile app as many external APIs as relevant.

  • Bots (like websites, are built on servers instead of user’s device (like apps). That makes them a lot easier to create and update

  • They are usually cheaper to build and maintain than web and mobile apps. Text-based interfaces remove the need for fancy visuals and cross-compatibility problems

What People Say About Us

  • Hannah Brown

    “Le meilleur rapport qualité/prix que je connaisse et je n’hésite jamais à les recommander ou à faire appel à eux pour tous mes besoins de développement web”

    – Jean Martial, Co-Livers

  • Hannah Brown

    “Excellent travail avec des suivis réguliers jusqu’à satisfaction totale du client. Et bien sûr des prix extrêmement compétitifs”

    – Olivier Le Faouder, AOC Insurance Broker

  • Hannah Brown

    “Très bons! Nous avons collaboré sur plusieurs projets d’envergures en front et back. Des points réguliers sont organisés pour optimiser l’organisation de travail et de fluidifier les échanges”

    – Thomas Servan, Meilleure Visite

  • Hannah Brown

    “Je suis très content et toute le reste de l’équipe aussi. Notre application Links n’a jamais été aussi belle!”

    – Philippe Roques, Capgemini


These examples are only provided to give a sense of our prices for projects with the standard features. Keep in mind each project is different.


1000 00
  • Customized flowchart
  • FB page installation
  • Automatic booking
  • User broadcasts
  • Human agent control
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2000 00
  • Customized theme
  • Powered by Wordpress
  • Free hosting 6 months
  • Free domain name
  • SEO Optimization
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3000 00
  • Customized theme
  • Powered by Magento
  • Free hosting 6 months
  • Free domain name
  • SEO Optimization
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4000 00
  • For iOS & Android
  • Powered by Ionic
  • Free hosting 6 months
  • Deployed on App stores
  • Administration panel
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Main office

39 Rue du Caire,
75002 Paris, France

Offshore office

Cl. 8 #43a - 49,
Medellín, Colombia


Phone: +33 670388446
Whatsapp: +57 311 2022783​⁠​


Sales: sebastien.brunet@hexaco.co
Other: hello@hexaco.co

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