The insurance digital experts We help insurance companies and brokers adapt and improve their information systems to boost team productivity, create a better online visibility and ultimately transform a wider target audience into qualified leads A 360° agency Because when it comes to the digital world, everything is connected. Your website needs great design, solid web development, a video introduction. It synchronizes with the CRM, the mobile app, the chatbot and the list goes on! The best of both worlds With an extreme focus on efficient processes and a distributed team, we’ve fixed the issues carried by traditional outsourcing while matching the level of service offered by traditional Western web-agencies

About us

Born to build great digital presence

Our mission

Hexaco was born from the conviction that brokers and insurance companies require an integrated approach. The website needs great design, solid web development and possibly a great video introduction. The mobile app must connect to the same database than the website, the online ads, must integrate with the website and the CRM to track conversions

Sébastien has over 10 years experience with digital insurance projects. His expertise covers project management, technical development and online marketing. He has a deep understanding of the underlying concepts and personally oversees all projects to make sure to achieve his clients goals
The team is distributed between France, India and Colombia. With a large majority of our clients based in France, our project managers and marketing specialists are based there while the software team works from Bangalore, India and Cali, Colombia. This set up allows for optimal proximity with our clients while being able to tap into a very skilled and abundant workforce in India and Colombia
How can a single small-sized company have enough skills to cover so all digital areas – Web design, mobile app, chat bots etc. At Hexaco, our strategy is to have at least a couple of true experts in each field. If the project requires more manpower, these experts are responsible for selecting and working with the right outside partners

Founded in September 2016 in Paris


France (Paris), India (Bangalore), Colombia, Medellin


Project managers, developers & designers

Unsatisfied clients

Client satisfaction is always our number one priority

Management Team

An experienced team of true experts

Sebastien Brunet

Sebastien’s role is business development and project management. Prior to founding Hexaco, he spent a decade working in the fintech and insurance space

Mathias Delatorre

Mathias’s role is to supervise the technical team. At Hexaco, he takes part in all the key technical decisions on all projects and occasionally even contributes code

Patricia Brojbeanu

Patricia’s role is to structure efficient processes to optimize the way people work together. At Hexaco she’s also responsible for recruitment and partnerships

Philippe Roques

Philippe serves as Executive Director for Capgemini Outsourcing Services and brings his extensive experience in the French IT industry to Hexaco as Chairman of Board


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Our Commitment

  • Get a beautiful online presence: Not all insurance apps and websites are created equal. Generic website builders just can't compete with custom personalized designs built for insurance companies

  • Look great on every device: Gone are the days of desktop-only browsing. 40% of your website visitors will check out your site using a smartphone or tablet, so all our projects are 100% mobile-responsive

  • Get found when people are searching: Search engine optimization needs to be planned from the get go. We build from the ground up with search engines in mind so prospects who are looking for insurance can easily find you

  • Connect everything: Get the info you need from prospects on the website, send their data to the CRM for follow-up, automatically create them a client account in your mobile app etc. We ensure all systems talk to each other!

What People Say About Us

  • Hannah Brown

    “Excellent travail avec des suivis réguliers jusqu’à satisfaction totale du client. Et bien sûr des prix extrêmement compétitifs”

    – Olivier Le Faouder, AOC Insurance Broker

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75002 Paris, France

Offshore office

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Medellín, Colombia


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